Our Blood Sweat & Tears Story

Our premium Hemp CBD product origins start with a true story about our founder…when he was just 25 years old he had already suffered 5 head traumas, a herniated disc, broken hand, and torn both groins; then he STOPPED.

It was May 13, 2014, and he had just slid into second base, when he blinked his eyes open, he was lying on his back; watching stars float in and around his field of vision …

Medical experts recommended he try a different way of taking care of himself.

He found cannabis and non-invasive alternative therapies to be his preferred method of healing.

In April 2018, Bee Well Living was born and we began helping improve the lives of our friends & family using USA Grown non-GMO hemp that is processed in FDA Regulated Facilities.

After dozens of success stories, medical professionals and professional athletes joined Team Bee Well. We now support MLB HOFers, the NAOAGA, and several Special Population groups in Latin America including Wheelchair Tennis and Basketball Federations as well as numerous Amputee Soccer and Cross-Fit Teams.

Our passion fuels our purpose and we believe purpose is required to successfully achieve our mission; to optimize the health of our community and our planet through a holistic approach to stress free living!

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Our Values


Improving your life or the life of your loved one? Our Bee Well Living Experts have first-hand experience with dozens of use-cases for our all-natural wellness solutions.


Concentration affects absorption! 50mg / mL tinctures and 500mg/ oz Topicals means a little goes a long way. Our Daytime and Nighttime Tincture formulation means there is always a good time of day to Bee Well.


Don’t take our word for it. Check out our wall of fame, full of real-life results, stories, and recommendations from our biggest fans. We’d love to add your story to the growing collage.


Insight, Education and Experience are irreplaceable. We value an educated customer as much as you value a reliable product. Product Data including potency, purity and the process is readily available anytime you want.

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